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Are you gearing your child up for the Key Stage 2 SATs? Look no further! 

My tailored SAT preparation lessons are here to empower your child with the skills and knowledge needed to shine in this essential standardised test. I understand the significance of the SATs in their educational journey, and I am committed to ensuring they succeed. 

Why Choose my SAT Preparation Services:


My SAT preparation lessons are focused on the content and skills necessary to excel in the SATs. I provide targeted guidance that aligns with the test’s objectives. Delivering lessons in grammar, reading comprehension and spelling. Once I have taught these skills, I use previous years exam papers to help familiarise your child with the exam and practice to time. 


I believe that confidence is key to success. My lessons are designed to boost your child’s confidence in tackling the SATs, so they can approach the test with self-assurance and perform at their best. I listen carefully to your children’s questions and concerns and support them in feeling confident and heard. 


Scoring well in the SATs opens doors to a world of educational opportunities. Whether it’s securing a place in your respected school of choice my SAT preparation will set your child on the path to success.

Personalised Support: 

Every student is unique, and so is their learning journey. I provide personalised support, tailoring my lessons to your child’s individual needs and strengths, ensuring they get the most out of their SAT preparation.

Proven Success

My track record speaks for itself. I have a history of helping students not only meet but exceed their SATs goals. With my guidance, your child will be well-prepared to tackle the SATs and achieve outstanding results.

Fun and Engaging

It can be difficult for children to receive extra tuition, especially when they work so hard at school during the day. I ensure that my lessons are something my students look forward to and not an additional chore.

Prepare for the Key Stage 2 SATs with confidence and competence

Join me on this journey towards academic success, and together, we’ll pave the way for a brighter future filled with educational opportunities. Don’t miss out on this chance to excel in the SATs.

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