Online English Services

As an English specialist, I offer a comprehensive range of services designed to enhance your language skills and communication.

Are you a student looking to sharpen your English proficiency or a professional seeking polished writing? I have the experience to support your requirements.

I provide expert tutoring in English that caters to your specific needs.

I offer professional proofreading services to ensure that your written work is error-free, coherent, and refined.

I also provide copywriting services that can help you craft persuasive messages and captivating stories that resonate with your target audience.

With a wealth of experience, I’ve dedicated many years to assisting companies in crafting tailored curricula and educational resources. My commitment extends to supporting charitable organisations, individuals seeking convert their expertise into online courses, and the thriving world of online education.

With a keen eye for detail and a passion for the written word, I’m dedicated to helping you achieve your language and communication goals.

My Tutoring Services

Pronunciation and Accent Coaching

Whether you’re struggling with connected speech, word stress, sentence stress, or how the different sounds in words change. I’m here to help you sound more natural when speaking English.

ESL Curriculum

At KlouEnglish’s ESL Services, I offer a meticulously crafted ESL (English as a Second Language) curriculum that’s personalised just for you.

IELTS Tutoring

I am a British native speaker who has helped a wide range of students with a variety of skill levels through their exams. On average my students achieve a band score of 7 to 8.

SATs Preparation

My tailored SAT preparation lessons are here to empower your child with the skills and knowledge needed to shine in this essential standardised test.


Are you looking for someone to create copy from scratch? Well, your search ends here! I’m passionate about assisting you with a wide range of writing needs.

11+ Tutoring

I specialise in the 11+ examinations, thoroughly understanding the nuances of these assessments. My proven track record speaks for itself, as I’ve consistently helped students achieve outstanding results.

My warm and friendly approach creates a positive and supportive learning environment and working partnership.

My students feel comfortable and motivated throughout their English language journey. And, my proofreading and copywriting clients are always satisfied with their results. Feel free to reach out and talk to me about how I can assist you.

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