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I’ve been working in many areas of education and media for over 20 years!

I have taught in many settings, primary, secondary, further education, community education and online.

As a result, I have plenty of experience to support you with the correct methods and ensure you’re going to benefit from your English lessons with me.

I worked for BBC local radio for many years and received voice training to ensure engaging intonation and pronunciation when on air. As result I speak with a neutral, engaging, accent.

In addition, when working for the BBC, and in other areas of media, I wrote copy for BBC websites, campaigns, on-air presenters and many other on-air, pre produced audio and content. Resulting in writing for many different audiences and styles.

I have a first class, honours, degree in Education and Professional Development. An outstanding graded Certificate in Education (media specialism) and finally a Level 5 Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certificate, this qualification is recognised world-wide and the equivalent to a CELTA qualification.

I have received training from the BBC in social media, broadcast law, video production and using CMS.

As a freelancer, I have had many happy clients over the years.

Being from the North of England, I’m friendly, approachable, and of course come with a heap of common sense. Unlike many others I also offer bespoke services for your progression. Because of this, my students and clients stay with me for years.

Why choose me?


I’m a native English speaker and will ensure I’m focussing on your pronunciation and accent. I will adapt to your learning and language needs.

I can be very flexible about class sizes – if you wish to learn with your partner or family, there’s always an option.

I’ll make sure that I assess your language, based on the, CEFR framework, and teach the appropriate language for your level.

I have helped students with their personal and professional development, and supported them through essential exams.

I’m really friendly, check my student feedback, and I will make you feel comfortable whilst learning. You might even have some fun!

Copywriting and curriculum design

I’ve worked with subject matter experts who have wanted to share their knowledge with others and supported them through creating online course.

I have helped Charities create complete curriculums taught throughout the UK to schools, from Early Years to University.

I have supported small and large corporate companies providing them with copy for their websites and social media. Alongside general proof reading.

I have helped my ESL students with any important communications they have needed to write. Ensuring they are representing themselves correctly.

I take immense pride in my ability to tailor the variety of my skills to your needs

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